For decades, scientists around the world have studied how to help children sleep.  That research has shown the most proven and effective ways to help your child fall asleep independently and build healthy, long-lasting sleep habits.

Use generations of scientific research to help your child sleep

It pays to do it right the first time


As a mother of two, I learned the hard way that sleep consultants using personal experience or certification from an unrecognized organization don’t always help.  Applied Behavior Analysis, on the other hand, is an evidence-based discipline that uses benchmarks, scientific research and proven methods to resolve sleep issues in children.

Victoria Tenenbaum

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

How it works


It starts with a behavioral assessment and a clear understanding of your parenting values and style.  There are numerous techniques but, to be successful, we have to find the one that will work best for your specific circumstances.  As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, I use established scientific research and extensive experience with hundreds of families to determine the technique that will work best for you.

The most common reason techniques don’t work is because of incorrect implementation


That’s why I carefully guide you through the implementation, and adjust as needed, to make sure it works. Choosing the right technique, and implementing it correctly, isn’t easy to do using videos and books.



Why now


Research has shown that lack of sleep in children is associated with learning and behavior problems, hypertension, obesity and depression.

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