Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence based discipline that uses benchmarks, scientific research and proven methods to resolve sleep issues in children.  Unlike a parenting or sleep coach, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst has a university degree, followed by a one year residency and ongoing oversight for professional standards.

Use generations of scientific research to help your child sleep

More than just a technique, it’s a process


We’ll start by identifying the root cause of your child’s sleeping problem.  Together, we’ll develop a plan drawing upon a wealth of scientific research to help your child sleep.  Then, we’ll refine and adjust if necessary.  There’s no one solution that works for every child, it has to be tailored to your specific set of circumstances.  I know because I’ve helped hundreds of parents, as well as my own children.

Victoria Tenenbaum

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Sleep & Behavior Counseling

“After starting to work with Victoria, it took us three nights to bring him to a full night sleep (without a bottle).”



“Everyone in the family is getting more sleep and rest these days! Victoria was so supportive and available throughout the process and continues to be a resource when needed!”



“Our life is now divided in two: BV= Before Victoria, AV= After Victoria. Talk to Victoria - it's the best thing you can do for yourselves and for your child.”

Based in Fair Lawn, NJ. Available via video conference anywhere.

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