The easy way to potty train

Using proven methods from generations of scientific research can make potty training much easier. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst can help you use established science to avoid common mistakes and potty train faster.

Make potty training a positive experience… for the whole family

Many parents try to not let their child know they’re upset after an accident, but their child still knows. Using the fundamentals of behavioral science helps avoid a strained relationship with your child and tension in the family.

How it works

It starts with a conversation, by phone or video conference, to get a clear understanding of your specific circumstances.  Together, we’ll develop and implement plan that’s tailored to your child and aligned with your parenting style.  We’ll cover all the important steps in making potty training easier for your child, and your entire family:

  • How to prepare your child
  • How to prepare the environment
  • How to deal with refusals
  • How to promote desirable behavior
  • How to maintain that behavior
  • How to bring your child to full independence, so you don’t need to be there