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  • Call, Call, Call is all I can say, you won’t regret it and you will have a changed child who will sleep I promise you!

    We reached out to Victoria because our one and a half year old had never slept through the night, ever! He would wake up every 2-3hours screaming and inconsolable. Needless to say it got exhausting. After some research online I came across Victoria’s name and looked into her practice and her amazing reviews. I couldn’t believe what I was reading over and over again in the reviews. The reviews were all about children who had various sleeping issues but after working with Victoria were all sleeping through the night without issue! I’m not going to lie I was skeptical at first, I thought well she doesn’t know our child, I don’t think anything can help him because we have tried it all. After sitting down with Victoria and having the 90 minute meeting she really dives into the process we take with our children leading up to sleeping and any episodes that occur. With her extensive knowledge she was able to customize a program that was specific to our child’s needs. This isn’t a broad spectrum sleep training book that anyone can buy and use. Those unfortunately don’t always work and this is because the issue going on is more specific to the child and the child’s environment. After the first night of starting our program our little boy slept through the night, the first time in a year and a half! Needless to say we couldn’t believe it! This was all because Victoria took the time to examine and assess what we told her in our meeting and made a customized plan for the issue that she is seeing. We had some things we had no idea about that we had to change and it worked! We are extremely happy with her and if we ever need her for potty training or any other behavioral issues we will absolutely call her. If you are on the fence or scared or ashamed that you are looking for some answers or help with your child don’t be! Calling Victoria has been one of the best things we have ever done. We now take the knowledge she gave us and make sure we don’t make the same mistake with our 6 month old. If you are having any sleeping issues with your kids big or small Victoria is the person to call 100%. Thanks to her our little boy sleeps through the night and so does his parents.

  • She is worth every single penny. You will NOT regret it!

    Victoria changed our lives! Our baby woke every 30-40 minutes throughout the night and naps were only 20 minutes long. Needless to say, we were all exhausted. After the FIRST night of working with Victoria, we all had a full nights sleep! She helped us create healthy sleeping habits and teach our baby to become an independent and happy sleeper. I never thought we would be sleeping 12+ hours a night, but she made it possible for us.

    I cannot say enough amazing things about Victoria. If you are considering hiring her, just do it now. She is an expert who is patient, kind and helps create a custom sleep plan that you are comfortable with. Unlike reading a book or taking an online course, she provides realtime expertise and was equally as invested to getting a good night sleep as we were.

  • Highly recommend working with her, you will not regret it at all.

    My husband and I worked with Victoria over a few months starting when our little guy turned about 6 months old. He usually only slept for 45 minutes to an hour at a time and we were so worn out (and so was he). No one was having any fun. I was shocked that the methods she had us implement began working in as little as 3 days. But she did not stop there and kept working with us on each new challenge and now our guy sleep for 10 hours, gets fed, and sleeps for 2 more hours! She is so attentive and her training and education show in her therapy. She worked with us and always asked if we were comfortable with her suggestions and had other options if we weren't ready to implement something. She is so easy to work with and honestly just really cares about your family and making sure your little person is happy and healthy.

  • The fact that Victoria is a therapist and Behavior Analyst helped us overcome many additional challenges that we were experiencing besides sleeping.

    We reached out to Victoria when our son was almost two years old. It means that for the whole two years, our son and we didn’t sleep. He was falling to sleep only when one of us is sitting next to him, sometimes for a whole hour. He was waking up at night countless times and eventually came to sleep in our bed. It took us a year to be ready and to seek help because we were so afraid of the process. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t easy, but now, our child sleeps all night through. He learned how to soothe himself without our help, and he sleeps for straight 12 hours, which means that also we finally received our sleep back. Victoria was guiding us all the way, supported, answered our endless questions even at late hours, and accommodated herself to the needs of our child and our family. I need to emphasize that since our child is 2, this process was much more than only sleep learning program, but mostly it was a behavior guidance program. So if you are struggling, don’t be afraid, reach out because it is working.

  • My only regret is I didn't use her services earlier. Sleep is such a rare gift when you have two little kiddos.

    There's no time better than the present, give yourself an amazing gift and learn sleep training from Victoria. I've been debating doing this for a while, mostly because my daughter was overall a good sleeper, but every few months she'd have a change in her sleep patterns and we just had no idea how to handle it. So we'd lose sleep for a few weeks until she'd get back to normal.

    The last time it happened I decided there are no more excuses. We called Victoria and saw a change from the first night. There was some crying involved but it's definitely not "cry it out", Victoria would work with what you feel comfortable as parents. She doesn't only tell you what to do, she teaches you the logic behind it, how your child thinks, what your child needs, and gives you tools you can use at different situations. Victoria is also extremely invested in the process and was there for us whenever we needed her. I hope this is helpful for all those debating, good luck!

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or third like mine, she is wonderful.

    We reached out to Victoria after struggling with our baby sleep habits. After 1 session with her we got a detailed plan that changed our life completely! It used to take us an hour to get our baby to sleep at night and now it's so much faster. Victoria also followed up every few days to check up on us. She is very nice, professional and really adapt her method to our needs. Highly recommend!!!!

    Victoria has helped me so much with my two year old, as a matter of fact, after our first meeting and after Victoria explained step by step on what to do with my baby, she literally walked me through it.

    I thought I didn’t have it in me, but apparently it worked after a few nights and now I know that every child is different and I wish I have known Victoria before, because I could have used her advice and technique on my other two children.

    I would definitely recommend her to any parent, anytime.

    Victoria, thank you so much for being there for me when I need advice I need it support

  • Our son is doing very well and he is also happier when he wakes up in the morning.

    Our two year old who used to sleep very well started having troubles falling asleep. He cried, demanded that we stay next to him until he fell asleep, and would wake up several times during the night crying and demanding that we stay with him again. In the morning he would usually wake up crying. Our nights became chaotic, sleepless and often one of us would fall asleep next to his bed.

    We contacted Victoria. She responded immediately, came to our house assessed the situation, and developed a plan for changing his behavior — one that we felt we can execute. In the days that followed she kept close contact answering every question we had and tuning the plan in response to his behavior. We started seeing improvements within a few days, and within a week his falling asleep was much more manageable and also, he stopped waking up at night almost completely. We now enjoy getting a full night sleep again.

  • Victoria was super responsive no matter the time, she made sure to reach out and reinforce our belief in ourselves and in the process. It was a true pleasure working with her and I would recommend her to any struggling parent.

    I want to start by saying that Victoria is really great! Our little one’s sleep was completely dependent on his bottle, he would wake twice or three times per night to eat and would not fall asleep without a bottle in his hands.

    After starting to work with Victoria, it took us three nights to bring him to a full night sleep (without a bottle).

  • Victoria is very professional and kind. Within several days of our meeting we noticed a significant change in our son’s sleeping habits.

    I heard about Victoria through recommendations in a Facebook group, sent her a message and she responded very fast.

  • Victoria was so supportive and available throughout the process and continues to be a resource when needed!

    My husband and I were paralyzed to take action even after doing extensive research online and receiving info shared from friends. We had made one attempt to sleep train our son before and we could not follow through with it. After our meeting with Victoria and following her advice with her support remotely, the first evening went so smoothly we were shocked! Our thirteen month old was previously co-sleeping beginning at 2am every night and having a bottle. He was also a cat napper. We had to stay by his side until he fell asleep and sometimes after leaving his room and making it to the top floor of the house he would wake up crying! He began falling asleep independently in just a couple of days at night and for naps. After this amazing progress, he also began sleeping for at least an hour for both naps! His skeptical grandparents are completely in awe with this transformation. We could not be happier and everyone in the family is getting more sleep and rest these days!

  • Talk to Victoria- it’s the best thing you can do for yourselves and for your child.

    We decided that our life is now divided in two: BV= Before Victoria, AV= After Victoria. We tried sleep training our son for over a year- using different techniques, different books and multiple consults. And nothing helped. It was long overdue but we eventually approached Victoria. We went from taking 90 mins to put our son to sleep, to not even 90 secs with a full night’s sleep. What a huge change that was and I can only regret now not doing it sooner.

  • I highly recommend speaking with Victoria should you or someone you know have sleepless nights because of their babies!!

    I came to Victoria because my 6 month old son refused to sleep through the night. He would wake up every 45 minutes to an hour. I was exhausted and desperate. After meeting with Victoria for 1.5 hours, discussing my situation and then creating a plan of action, I was apprehensive but ready to try anything. She said that it might take a number of days but will improve within the first week. The first night was hard but I stuck through. I got through the next day with two hard naps but by the second night Noam slept from 7:30 pm until 7am. I was in shock. Then came the third and fourth night, same. Victoria is not a magician, all I had to do was follow her instructions which in retrospect now make complete sense. We as parents must help sleep train our babies to self sooth. Victoria has been available for my questions and concerns and checks in daily for updates.

  • I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to sleep LOL

    As a mom who’s baby was effortlessly sleep trained at 8 months old (CIO), I found myself at a loss several weeks ago. Without announcing war  my son learned to climb out of his crib in a sleep sack. I removed the crib rail and installed a toddler rail as a safety feature. My son hated it. Every night for the few following days was a mix of nightmare, bribery, crying, walking, some sleep. To make matters worse, we were about to move into a new house and I was struggling to figure out the best approach to my problem. I ended up co-sleeping (thereby going to bed at 8pm like the good toddler that I am :-D). I was pissed and miserable. I literally had no idea what to do. I contacted Victoria Tenenbaum because I have seen her posts here. I explained my dire situation. She recommended to allow to co-sleep till we move (since it was not going to be lengthy), and then take a week or so to see what my son’s behavior would be. In the new house, a shiny twin-size fire truck bed awaited for my son. He slept in it the first night and then sh*t hit the fan. Crying, stomping on the floor, banging doors as I tried to make him stay. Eventually I started staying in his room till he fell asleep (up to 1.5 hours!!!). He would then wake up in 3-4 hours, come to my room at night and climb in the bed. I had no energy whatsoever to pick him back up and fight to make him sleep in his bed. It was really, really bad. After 2 nights of being unable to make him fall asleep and co-sleeping again, I called Victoria back. HALP!! SOS!! MAMA

    TROUBLE! She listened to me for 2 hours, asked a lot of questions and made suggestions. My biggest fear was that it would not work. She gave me a timeline – wait a week. If it doesn’t work, we will re-assess. I was terrified. But then I had a very big glass of pino, got my sh*t together and committed to following her guidelines. I followed them almost to a T. It took 2 (!!!) nights. Only 2 nights!!! First night was the hardest, I had maybe 1.5 hrs sleep total… Second night was better. And third night – he just stayed in bed and woke up in the morning. And it’s been like that for a week now. He does wake up slightly earlier than he used to – but sometimes I even see on the monitor that he gets up, aimlessly sits in his bed, realizes it’s still dark and stays in bed a little longer. This is such a drastic change from just several days ago!!! I can’t thank Victoria enough for the guidance that she has provided and for reassuring me that I could do it.


    Victoria came to our house and was very attentive and took all the time needed to explain the process to us with great patience. She communicated with us daily and was always instantly available for questions and updates. We highly recommend working with Victoria for resolving infants’ minor or major sleep issues.

  • Mommy, daddy and baby are very happy!!!!

    Victoria was very helpful, professional and friendly. She walked us through the process and helped us teach our two year old daughter how to fall asleep alone. Our daughter now sleeps through the night. We are very thankful to Victoria’s guidance and continuous support.

  • Thanks to Victoria, he sleeps 11-12 hours a night and wakes up happy.

    Thanks to Victoria our evening and nights are ours again. Victoria helped us teach our 2 year old to go to sleep by himself and to sleep all night.

  • Thank you Victoria Tenenbaum for the sleep training help! May this be a less sleep deprived year!

    For the first time since they were born, after 3 years 8 months and 23 days, Layli and Nura both slept by themselves, in their own beds, through the whole night without waking me up once!

  • Thank you Victoria! You really changed our lives, we are now a happy well-rested family:)

    We felt an improvement from the first night of the sleep training. After 4 days our 12 mo baby was sleeping full nights (couldn’t sleep for more than 2-3 hours straight before). The only thing I regret, regarding Victoria, is not contacting her earlier.

  • We got our life back thanks to you. Our baby is sleeping!

    Victoria!! You’re a literally a life saver. Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks to Victoria, she sleeps through the night.

    Victoria not only helped us get our nights, sanity and optimism back after a different consultant couldn’t, but also supported us mentally and was always available to answer questions and checked up on us continuously. I thought my second child is not the sleeping kind and I couldn’t believe anything could be done.

    Thank you, Victoria.

  • Victoria was very supportive and reassured us that we are doing the right thing every step of the way.

    Sleep deprived and exhausted from jumping on a physio ball for 7 hours every day we decided to contact Victoria. Our 5 month old would not sleep for more then 25 min during the day, and at night it took her 1.5-2 hours to finally fall a sleep. Victoria was very flexible and met us in our home were we came up with a plan on how to concur the impossible task of getting a very active girl to go to sleep. We started two days later. It took about three days, of some crying (both me and the baby ;)), and constantly consulting with Victoria, and now we put my daughter in bed say good night and she goes to sleep by her self. I must say Victoria helped me a lot to overcome my fears, she was always available to answer every question or just giving moral support and our house feels sane again. We are much happier and have time to ourselves at night, but more importantly my daughter is much happier. She now has a good sleep-eat-play schedule and the difference, both mentally and physically, is amazing.

  • We were so greatfull and happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend to reach out to Victoria!!

    We reached out to Victoria 4 days before I needed to go on a travel and stop the night nursing of my 10 months old that was practically sleeping in our bed since she was born. I was worried that she will have a hard time adjusting to the new situation of sleeping in her own bed and stop eating at night..not to mention being separated from me for the first time. Victoria was very positive about making it work in only few days just before I leave and she was super flexible, meeting us at our home on the next day. Following the meeting with her and working according to her instructions and guidance, we experienced a huge change already on the first night. It took another 1-2 nights to get to a new routine of full night sleeps , without any waking up during the night and she also started sleeping more during the day!! I left for my trip happy and confident that we are on track. During the process, Victoria was always checking up on us, consulting and super responsive.

  • Victoria was super responsive, was in touch with us during days, nights and even weekends, giving us great tip and tools.

    I wanted to thank Victoria for getting our night sleep back!

    We DO love to sleep, we really do!!!

    We just celebrated our girl’s second birthday, which meant for us two years of sleepless night.

    It was a birthday present for us (her parents) and we called Victoria, who just in a few weeks helped us to teach our little girl to sleep through the night.

    Thank you so much!! We really appreciate your help!

  • Victoria was always supportive, positive and encouraging, and helped us through the rough patches.

    We contacted Victoria to help us train our 6-month old baby to sooth himself to sleep at night. That was our main focus.

    Victoria ended up helping us tremendously not just with our baby’s sleep training, but also with his overall day schedule and independence building. After collecting all the information about his existing behaviors and routines, she provided us clear guidelines and principles to follow, and helped us come up with a structured consistent daily routine – to ensure the baby is getting enough rest, has a predictable schedule, and develops self-soothing skills. Within a week we already saw a significant change in his behavior, which continued to stabilize over the following week. He learned to sooth himself to sleep within minutes (often with no cry involved!), his day naps stabilized around a consistent pattern and he even started sleeping through the night. As my husband said “It’s a Hanukkah miracle!”

    Victoria was available for ongoing support throughout the entire time, providing guidance and accompanying the learning process (for all of us :)).

    Thank you Victoria for all your help!!!

  • The results were almost immediate and we were very surprised, happy and thankful with this improvement.

    We came to Victoria when we were totally desperate and to be honest very skeptical about sleep training. Our third daughter Omer (1 year and 4 month) didn’t has any sleeping skills and it was nightmare to dill with it every night and during the day. Victoria with a lot of patient and logical explanations led us with the sleep training and also adjust it to our needs. I would say that it changed our day to day difficulties and gave us a lot of breath.

    Thank you Victoria!

  • We’re really grateful and can’t imagine our life now without knowing her!

    Victoria did an amazing work with our 4 months old baby sleep training. When we got her number we were dealing with waking up every hour during the night and so very tired. Victoria sat with us and help us understand the roots of his behavior and gave us tips on how to deal with it.

    She talked about different methods and we chose together the ones that fitted our beliefs. Along the processes we made even more adjustments that was very personal as she already knew our baby patterns.

    She is very professional and has a lot of helpful experience. In addition, Victoria is very responsive to our (many) questions and calls, and always provided answers with a great attitude. Thanks to Victoria, our little one which is almost 6 months now, sleeps much better during the night and can easily nap during the day.

  • Whenever I needed her she was there to answer all my concerns. Thank you very much Victoria!

    I want to thank Victoria Tenenbaum for returning sanity to our family. After our third child was born our 3 y.o daughter started to give us a really tough time during the bed time. Each night it took her more than one hour to fall asleep because she was constantly calling us, screaming, coming out from the bed and throwing herself on the floor. It was so frustrating to try to calm her down, to lay beside her, to sing to her, to tap on her back but still to see that nothing helps and her behavior just getting worse. Victoria set with us for one long and detailed meeting, after asking a lot of questions and digging to all the small details she came up with a plan not before making sure we feel confident and approve her solution. After we started to implement Victoria’s plan, the change came almost immediately. It took about few nights to see our daughter going to sleep calmly without any scenes. All those evenings Victoria was constantly supporting us and providing guidance if we had any questions. Additionally, we asked for suggestion for how to get rid of the pacifier and she provided us with a magical solution. If you have struggles like we did don’t hesitate to call Victoria, her professionalism will solve your problem and will return your home quiet evenings.

    We called Victoria after we got back from Israel and Liri started waking up every 1.5 hours and we just couldn’t take it anymore. Victoria helped us in the most professional way to get our sleep back. Liri learned how to fall a sleep alone and together we established a suitable daily routine for her.

    Before we started the sleep training process we didn’t really know how challenging and hard it can get. However, with Victoria’s help and guidance we felt safe and confident that we are doing the right thing.

  • Sleeping through the night soon followed. WOW!!!

    A full night’s sleep and steady regular naps. Sounds too good to be true? Well, Victoria made it all a reality!

    We endured 10 months of sleepless nights and looking back on it, I can’t figure out why we waited so long to get REAL help. We have tried a variety of methods, but Sophie’s sleep kept being erratic. Napping was a daily struggle, at the end of which she would only sleep for 30-40 minutes. Nighttime wasn’t much better: she would fall asleep on her own, but would wake up at 2, 4 and 5 am not able to sooth herself back to sleep.

    At that point we decided to call Victoria and we are so happy that we did. Victoria is very knowledgeable, super friendly and highly responsive. We scheduled a lengthy phone call and an in-home visit and she provided us with a plan that was custom fitted to our situation.

    The process wasn’t easy and required a lot of consistency but it was SO WORTH IT! A few days after starting the sleep training process, Sophie started napping for a full hour each time.

  • If you are on the fence, don’t be. She is a life (and sanity) saver. We highly recommend her.

    That in itself was worth the expense, but what really set Victoria apart and elevated her to a super star status was the fact that she was still available to us weeks after, answering any question we had–even those as trivial as “what to do after a bad nap?”. She was so helpful and kind. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without her.

    We have recommended Victoria to all of our friends, as well as to members of parent groups we belong to. She is truly amazing!!!


  • The results were almost immediate

    I want to thank Victoria for her help with an “eating issue” of my 3 year old toddler girl. Aviv was very picky and “problematic” with food from the start, however, this issue became particularly hard when I came near my due with our second son. To get as much attention as she could, Aviv would not eat for days… Victoria took time to understand the particular case, and advised us on our actions. We followed her advice and the results were almost immediate. I recommend Victoria as child behavioral therapist for dealing with variety of issues! Thank you Vita! From Gersten family.

  • She can build a solution for every situation that can just change you day to day struggles in no time. Highly recommend!

    Had attended a couple of Victoria’s lectures on sleeping and behavior methods for babys and toddlers. Victoria is very knowledgeable and experienced.

  • My husband and I saw progress within a few days.

    Victoria was wonderful to work with. Our son had some behavioral issues that we needed support on and found her thru a referral at school. I was skeptical that once we found someone it would take forever to share all the details of our situation so they would understand and it may be hard to connect virtually. I was so wrong! Victoria was so organized for our first meeting and it felt like she knew exactly what to start working on day 1. Expectations were clear and she gave us parents, the tools we needed and the confidence that it would get better. My husband and I saw progress within a few days. She is warm, compassionate, direct and really fun to talk to. Highly recommend!

  • We highly recommend the amazing Victoria.

    She helped us with our two-year-old daughter. She is very professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. After each session, we got homework to do and after a few days we saw an improvement in our daughter's behavior - which is great.


  • I highly recommend Victoria.

    We met Victoria when we were completely lost in the potty training process for our 3 year old son. She responded immediately, met us on time and was able to help us with only one meeting! Digging into the small details she was quick to find the problem and suggest a plan that we felt comfortable with. She took the time to follow up with us a few times since to hear about our progress and even gave us a few tips on how to get rid of the pacifier- needless to say everything worked like magic!

  • With positive reinforcement and creating opportunities for success we managed to say bye bye to pull ups during the day in a within a couple of weeks!

    Victoria also helped us confront our older kid who just didn't wanna go in the toilet and was determined to stay with pull ups forever.

    This has been such a positive experience. We highly recommend the process and experience.