The scientific approach to correcting children’s behavior problems

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that changes behaviors. It can change the lives of individuals with all types of behavioral issues by replacing unwanted behaviors with socially acceptable behaviors. For parents and teachers that are experiencing difficulties with children’s behaviors (i.e. ADD and ADHD), I can help with neurodivergent children as well as neurotypical kids that just learn differently.



Behavior Consultations

One of the most common and difficult challenges parents face is behavior problems. That’s where Applied Behavior Analysis can help you most. In person or using video conferencing, we’ll work together to find the best solution for you and your child. The first step is identifying the root cause of your child’s behavior problem. Then, we’ll create a plan specifically tailored to your set of circumstances using evidenced based behavioral procedures. I’ll guide you through the key steps to success and we’ll refine and adjust if necessary. This proven process not only addresses the immediate problem, but also adds to your “parent toolbox” with knowledge of behavioral principals, proactive and reactive strategies that you can use in the future.

Your child’s behavior problems probably aren’t unique:
  • Potty training
  • Challenges during routines
  • Incompliance with parents requests
  • Refusals
  • Sibling relations
  • Dinner time challenges
  • Homework
  • Hitting, kicking, biting
  • Screaming, tantrums
  • Etc.

Parent Workshops

For parent groups of all kinds, this is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers about the behavioral issues you struggle with the most. One of the most popular workshops is the “Parents’ Circle,” an open format discussion in which each parent brings up a topic of their concern and everyone learns about the practical tools that are most effective in that situation.

Workshops can be focused on any behavior problem. Here are some recent workshops:
  • How to survive the summer or holiday season
  • Practical tools to develop effective routines
  • Homework drama
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Toilet training challenge

Schools & Preschools

I often work with schools (private and public) that need help managing children with behavioral issues. There are many ways that I can help.

Classroom Management Consultation

Student behavioral problems can be very stressful for teachers. It distracts other students and can take a lot of time away from teaching. Many teachers have left their profession due to a lack of tools or support.

To supplement any positive behavior support systems that may be in place, I work closely with the teacher to assess and determine behavioral goals. Then, I develop a personalized plan and train the teacher to implement the procedures. Ongoing guidance, data collection and refinement ensures success.

Student Behavioral Consultation

Once the school has discussed the behavioral challenges of a child with the parents, and the parents have asked for help, I give teachers a better understanding of the behavior, evidence based tools and proactive/reactive strategies to change the behavior.

Professional Development Workshops
To empower teachers to better help children with behavioral issues, this workshop focuses on important principals like:
  • How to analyze triggers in a classroom setting
  • Which evidenced based tools can help most in classroom management
  • The most effective way to implement procedures